Tuesday, 3 September 2013


MinoltaSnapper nominates AJB photograghy for his photo "Citadel". She writes: " Exposed to give a dark silhouette full of little chimneys against an orange sunset sky, this is a striking image. Alan has placed the tower in the middle of the shot, perhaps against the 'rule of thirds' but here it works well. The clouds catching the light give form and interest to the sky, and the two tower windows peep out from the darkness, quite making the shot - without those, it's just a cardboard silhouette; with them, the shot has life. Beautiful capture!"


At the upper end of the Castlegate in Aberdeen stands The Salvation Army Citadel, an effective castellated mansion, on the site of the medieval Aberdeen Castle. Castlegate was the site of the castle gates until its destruction in 1308, hence the name of the area.

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